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About Aalux Chauffeur Service

All businesses or commercial organisations lead a very busy life, which consists of important and crucial events. This includes trips for business negotiations, meetings with partners or customers, parties and presentations, exhibitions, seminars, conferences or company events. In all these cases, it is impossible to go without corporate transport. 

Our cars do not have meters, as is customary in private taxi driver, fixed tariff system, which reduces the cost of transfer in London and makes it transparent and understandable. We have a wide range of vehicles, which includes passenger cars and vans of different models and different class coach. Our service covers the territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain .



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AALUX London Chauffeur Company
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Right On Time

We provide you safe relaible and ontime pickups and drop offs. Meet and greet service.

right on time
at low cost

We provide the affordable and professional transportation for all events.

100% satisfaction

Our services are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way.

reliable driver

We only employ professionals with an impeccable reputation.

What Client's Say

Если вы хотите встречу и проводы на высшем уровне,то только в данную компанию AALUX ! Машины класса люкс, чистота,вежливость,пунктуальность,интелигентность и профессионализм водителей. Первый раз приезжали просто посмотреть Лондон. Нас встретили сразу после получения багажа. Новенький Мерседес. Поездка до отеля была как обзорная экскурсия ,очень интересно и комфортно. Замечательные цены . Соотношение цены и качества. По-этому когда в Лондон отправили на учёбу ребёнка ,мы не задумываясь опять обратились в кампанию AALUX . Ребёнка встретили как родные, отвезли до места учёбы,дали массу полезных советов .Вы можете доверить встречу и проводы своих детей со спокойным сердцем. Обратимся к компании AALUX ещё много раз! Процветания вашей компании и спасибо за хороший сервис...


Alexander drives confidently and safely. He knows not only the roads and attractions on the chosen routes. Very helpful and punctual. The car is clean, technically well-groomed, in one word - comfortable.


If you want a meeting and seeing off at the highest level, then only this company AALUX Chauffeur Services! Luxury cars, cleanliness, courtesy, punctuality, intelligence and professionalism of drivers. The first time we came just to see London. We were met immediately after we received the baggage. The brand-new Mercedes. The trip to the hotel was like a sightseeing tour, very interesting and comfortable. Wonderful prices. Value for money. This is why when we were sent to London to study a child, we did not hesitate to turn again to the AALUX campaign. The child was met as a native, taken to the place of study, gave a lot of useful advice. You can trust the meeting and seeing off of your children with a calm heart. We turn to AALUX many more times! Prosperity of your company and thank you for good service ...


The driver arrived well before time and was very helpful loading and unloading baggage. A smart decision to use this chauffeur service.


We use the Aalux chauffeur service for transfers in London. Always the highest quality of service ...

Alexander and Katherine