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Terms & Conditions

  • The company shall not be liable (including financially) for any force majeure delays in transit time or the provision of the vehicle.
  • The driver conducts the transport of passengers in strict adherence to the Highway Code and all the applicable rules of the road in the UK, taking into account the traffic flow on the motorways, general road conditions and the selected time of transportation.
  • The driver has the right to independently choose the best route for the journey, unless the passenger agrees upon and confirms a desired route with the administration of the company in advance.
  • Baggage exceeding the allowable weight or dimensions is not permitted for transportation. When transporting bulky or heavy luggage, the passenger must notify the company no later than 24 hours before the initiation of services.
  • The company is not liable for damage to or loss of luggage, carry¬on baggage and personal belongings of any passenger.
  • During the booking of a driver and vehicle services for an extended period of time, the company reserves the right to change the driver and/or vehicle.
  • Expenses for idle/stand¬by time and parking charges, in any case, are incurred by the passenger.
  • Payment for any additional services not included in the price of the original booking will be charged in accordance with the price list, and depend on the time of day and distance travelled.
  • Services are provided after a 100% pre¬payment. Exceptions are given to regular customers, who have become trusted clients. In this case, payment for transportation and all additional services is made within seven days after the invoice date.

    In case of a cancellation of services after the stipulated period, the 100% pre-payment is fully retained:

    1. transfer from the airport in a car with a personal driver, during a period of 24 hours;
    2. transfer from the airport by bus 60 hours;
    3. tours and hourly payment 45 hours;
    4. guide services 9 days;
    5. tours outside of London with an overnight stay 9 days;
    6. registration of a hotel reservation from 1 to 45 days, with the discretion of the hotel owners;
    7. cancellation of group transportation on request 9 days.

    All costs for the purchase and delivery of tickets for sports events, concerts, theatre performances, etc., are borne by the customer. An accepted and confirmed order can not be changed or cancelled. In the case of inability to visit the event for any reason, costs are not reimbursed.

  • All prices are listed in British Pound Sterling (£) only.
  • Prices listed online do not constitute a public offer to sell. The company reserves the right to change the prices of services and transportation rates without notice.

So, read the term and conditions beforehand of availing our services!