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School Escort Service

Attendance of an English school, university or college, is a guarantee of the highest quality of education and an excellent foundation for a future career. Not surprisingly, many parents try to send their children to private English schools, colleges, courses or specialised institution in order to learn English. However, parents often do not have the opportunity to drop off their child at school and the extra cost of transport for an accompanying adult, and their accommodation,is rather exorbitant.

Student transfer

Even If A Child Has Grown Up And Enrolled In An English University

parents may still be anxious to send him to a new place of study. After all, your child will have to get around in a foreign country, use public transport and somehow cope with their heavy luggage.

Our Company Offers Special Escort Services For Children

A comfortable car with an experienced, responsible and skilled driver, who will quickly and safely escort your child to their place of study.

All Our Drivers

Have a "Transport for London" (TFL) licence
Have been thoroughly checked for an absence of a criminal record
Have undergone complex psychological testing

We entrust the transport of young passengers to employees who have an impeccable reputation as a responsible and careful driver, and who have worked in our company for at least two years.

By booking an escort for a child or a student, you can remain at ease. Our employees are distinguished by their kindness, are versed in child and adolescent psychology, and get on well with young passengers.

We Make Every Effort To Ensure That The Children We Are Entrusted With Are Completely Safe!

You CAn Rest Assured That Your Child Will Not, Under Any Circumstances, Be Left Unattended.

They will be escorted to their accommodation and will be personally handed over to a representative of the educational institution, making sure that they are completely safe. After the child successfully reaches their destination, our operator will send an SMS notification to the parents, notifying them of the child's successful arrival.

You Can Also Book A Transfer From A School To An Airport

The driver will collect the young passenger from school, college or university, take them to the airport, help with the luggage, escort them to passport control and make sure that the child has passed all the necessary procedures before boarding their plane. The parents are then informed of a successful transfer to the airport.

We Have Years Of Experience Working With Young Passengers And Parents Who Have Already Used Our Child Escort Services, Come To Us Again And Again.